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GENDER: male
SPECIES: African Grey Parrot
PET’S AGE: 13 weeks old
COLORS: grey, red, white
CHARACTERISTICS: young, hand raised and trained, companion, cute, exotic, handfed, house trained, pet, playful, singing, talking, fancy, quiet, tame.

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African Jet male grey parrots have an uncanny ability to mimic speech. They grow to be up to 13 inches in length, and are Africa’s largest parrot. Their plumage can be various colors of grey, usually slightly darker on the wings and back, with a dramatic crimson tail. Like most parrots, Jet Male has a hooked beak that is incredibly strong. While few facts are known about Jet Male are wild African parrot courtship, it is known that they are monogamous.

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The average clutch, or number of eggs laid in one nest, for the African grey is two to four eggs. The female incubates them alone, while her mate brings her food. After they hatch, both the male and female tend to the chicks.


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