Gaga Capuchin Monkey For Sale

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Gender: 1 Female
Breed: Capuchin Monkey
Birthday Certificate Available
Full Vet Records Available
Capuchin Monkey For Sale

Gaga Capuchin Monkey For Sale

Gaga one of the wonderful female capuchin monkey. Gaga is a smart primate with a pleasant and cheeky nature. She is a South American rainforest native that belongs to the Cebidae family, which is noted for their dexterous hands and cognitive ability. Gaga has remarkable problem-solving abilities and can move objects with pinpoint accuracy by using her long tail as a supportive fifth limb. She has a strong memory and learns new activities rapidly, making her a popular subject in animal cognitive research investigations. Gaga is not only intelligent, but also an extremely social being who builds close ties with other group members through grooming and extensive vocalizations. Her outgoing personality makes her popular with both researchers and visitors.


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