Ella capuchin monkey pet

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Gender: 1 Female
Breed: Capuchin Monkey
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Ella capuchin monkey pet

So, please allow me to introduce you to Ella, the female capuchin monkey. This little energy ball is as wicked as she is lovely. She has a way of enchanting everyone around her with her expressive brown eyes and tuft of hair on top of her head. Ella is extremely bright and can solve riddles and open locks with her quick fingers. She enjoys exploring her surroundings, swinging from trees and leaping from tree to tree with astonishing agility. Ella’s diet consists primarily of fruits, nuts, and insects, although she will not turn down a good treat if presented! Ella, despite her lively and inquisitive personality, builds significant ties with her human caregivers. She adores grooming them as much as they enjoy being groomed.


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